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"For Open Counselling working in a Humanistic/Person-Centred’ way is the philosophy and foundation underpinning all client work it is fundamentally about respect, understanding and openness and a belief that given the right therapeutic relationship and environment, all clients can be empowered and find their potential and ‘wholeness’. It is about working in partnership and at a pace appropriate for the client.



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Person Centred Therapy is an empowering therapy which helps clients to work through their issues and find the strength and resilience inside themselves to move forward.

The therapy is based on the vital core conditions of any fully functioning relationship. These are unconditional acceptance of the other person, empathy, non- judgement and the ability to be genuine. We also believe that the client needs a safe place to come and address their issues.

Whether our clients come to us for 6 weeks or 2 years, they are given the space and time to heal. We deal with many difficulties that people cope with in today’s world from drug and alcohol abuse to depression, domestic abuse to life issues.

The feedback from our clients has always been very positive, feeling welcomed and supported when coming to Open Counselling.

In Person Sessions Telephone Sessions

All of our services are confidential except if someone is in danger

Offender Counselling

Open Counselling have a scheme running through the Hertfordshire Probation Service, Focusing on counselling work via referrals from the ‘Integrated Offender Team’.

This service covers a range of personal issues that are specifically related to current offending behaviour, including anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, anger, relationship difficulties, abuse, grief and loss, trauma and addiction.

Open Counselling work to help offenders understand how their arrest and conviction have impacted on their life and how to create change.

Difficulties addressed:

  • Having to learn to live together again, especially when children are involved
  • Financial concerns
  • Sexual anxieties
  • Worry of re-offending
  • Employment issues
  • Worries about re-occurring drug or alcohol use
  • Losing the independence gained while a partner was in prison

This service can offer offenders the opportunity to talk about how these kinds of issues may be affecting them and their families, offering strategies to help smooth the transition back into community life.

School Counselling:

In addition to Open Counselling’s Agency in Hertfordshire, we can also provide off site counselling.
We provide counsellors to work within the school setting. Open Counselling will guide the school through the process, and provide all the appropriate documentation to the school.
Our Director and lead counsellor provides ‘pro bono’ work, seeing five clients per week for ‘The Harefield Academy’.

For more information and to arrange a meeting to discuss costing etc. please telephone: 01923 510 017 or email cs@opencounselling.com

Open Counselling can provide tailor-made Counselling services to suit your requirements, for further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss this further please telephone: 01923 510 017 or email cs@opencounselling.com

How Many Sessions ?

For some clients very few sessions are needed and change and positive outcomes can happen very quickly. For others, longer term therapy may be desired.

For counselling clients the average number of sessions is around 8-12. But we do have the occasional longer term client where broader work is required.

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