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"Take heart: marriage is more elegant than we dare believe. It can bring you bliss, but it’s harder than many people recognize."

David Schnarch

"One of the most precious things you should always preserve in a friendship and in love is your own difference."

John O’ Donohue

"Love in the past is only a memory.
Love in the future is only a fantasy.
True love lives in the here and now."

The Buddha

Counsellor Training


Female / 16yrs old / 7 Sessions / 2012

Sometimes in life bad things will happen to you for no known reason.  It can have serious effect on you, sometimes more serious than you realise.  It sends you into a spiral of emotions, where you have to bottle feelings which are up and down continuously.
My counsellor has helped to clear my head, and bring things back to normal!  I’m so grateful for your help, thank-you Cjai.  2012

Female / 19yrs old / 49 Sessions /2012

My counsellor has been brilliant for me.  She has helped me to get through college further than I ever have done before and actually succeeding in it.  She has helped me realise my dreams are worth having and possible to achieve.  I owe my life to her.  Without her, I wouldn’t have much of a life to live if any.  Thank you so much.  2012

Male / 29yrs old / 8 Sessions / 2012

Learned a lot about myself and where I was going wrong.  In the sessions I had with Cjai.  She knew many methods of thinking to help me overcome my many personal issues, that I needed to address in order to become a better and more successful person.  She spoke with feeling and depth and had trust, and had first-hand experience of the many problems faced by people and offenders.  I would highly recommend counselling, and have moved on massively since undergoing her counselling sessions. Gavin 2012

Female / 24yrs old / 9 Sessions / 2012

Before beginning counselling my head was in a mess, things didn’t even seem clear and I was blinded from all positive emotions and figures in my life.
Since attending counselling sessions I have learnt that yes life may be hard and a struggle but I shouldn’t put on a front and pretend to be happy for everyone else.  I am important too and deserve true happiness.  Issues in my life needed to be addressed and learnt from.  This process has given me clarity in my thinking and a massive reality check on what really matters.
I can now channel my strength and prior experiences into making the future happy and true.  Yes, I still have a long way to go but I can now actually see the future without a huge burden on my shoulders, and that thanks goes to my counsellor.  2012

Male / 31yrs old / 4 Sessions / 2012

CJ has a lot of insight into my life and relationships and has given me such good help.  Even down to finding what I want to do career wise.  We come from the same background and places so she can relate to me better than any other professional I’ve ever met.  A very down to earth woman.  Tony 2012

Male / 20yrs old / 37 sessions / 2012

Cjai has helped me with coming to terms with all the bad events in my life, understanding that while I was at the centre of them I was not to blame for what happened.  I now know how to deal with situations and feel confident that I have made the right decision.  The sessions ran at a pace which meant I felt I could talk about issues when I felt I was ready to, and I always felt there was a positive outcome of what had been discussed.  I now feel like I am a much more confident and in control person in life, and that I now think much more logically and clearly.  The sessions with Cjai always felt comfortable and I felt that I could open up about my problems without any worry about what might be said.

Male / 18yrs old / 2012

My experience has been really worthwhile.  I feel as if it has helped me a lot in making decisions and choices.  I like how I can open up and tell you anything on my mind, and you will try and guide me whatever the situation is.  It has made me feel much better and happy about myself and I’m very thankful.

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