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"Take heart: marriage is more elegant than we dare believe. It can bring you bliss, but it’s harder than many people recognize."

David Schnarch

"One of the most precious things you should always preserve in a friendship and in love is your own difference."

John O’ Donohue

"Love in the past is only a memory.
Love in the future is only a fantasy.
True love lives in the here and now."

The Buddha


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Young People

All of our services are confidential except if someone is in danger.

There are legal limits on confidentiality for people who are legally considered minors but we will negotiate this with you as the client and with the parent / guardian if appropriate.

For more information on the " Gillick Competency and Fraser Guidelines" click here

Counselling can be fun

Everyone needs some help!

Sheldon's psychotherapy session

Positive reinforcement (reinforcing a behaviour by rewarding or giving something).

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